ESP8266 wifi module SPI interface problem


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The EFR32 is a Silicon Labs product which has nothing to do with the Espressif Systems ESP8266.

So my answer is basically... "huh?"


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ESP8266 wifi module has an MCU with internal flash memory. Therefore you can program this module to communicate via SPI with any other MCU of your choice. For programming the ESP8266 you can use Arduino IDE and Arduino libraries. For example, program the ESP8266 wifi module as webserver with Arduino examples and attach some input/output routines for SPI communication with EFR32 MCU. You must only decide what kind of information you want to send/receive between two MCU-s.

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yef smith

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The problem is with the IDE, Arduino IDE is working but its too toyish
I tred toset ECLIPSE IDE and it nightmare,its hell i intalled python and GCC and toolchain andsomu linux commands .
Its a nightmare.
Is there some good eclipse manual for working with this device?


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I have used Visual Studio with PlatformIO for Arduino programming sometimes but i don't like it either. I have looking for Eclipse help information here sometimes.