ESP8266 communication with each other

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    Jul 7, 2015
    Hello guys,

    I am new to programming and have to make ESP8266 transfer data with each other. Here is the situation. I have two esp8266 devices and one i would like to configure as access point and other as station. A temperature sensor is connected to the station and the sensor data is to be transfered to the other esp8266. I dont have a wifi router and i would like to know the steps involved in making these two talk with each other. I am using arduino IDE and installed the esp8266 library. I have searched in internet about how to make these two talk and all i have seen suggested to connect both the devices to a wifi router and create a tcp connection. Kindly help me in understanding the steps involved to make these two devices talk with each other without the need of wifi router and if possible code to understand better.