ESP32 / Raspberry Pi to gather Bluetooth data.

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I'm hoping someone with much more knowledge than me will be able to point me in the right direction for me to learn how to do the following.

I mess around with a lot of battery related applications. IE, BMS's, Chargers, Inverters etc...
They all have a form or communication like Bluetooth or RS485 which is usually paired with an android app or windows software.

For example:
What I would like to do is get an understanding of what happens once my phone has connected to that device via Bluetooth. Why can't I just get an ESP32, connect it to my BMS and read the data? How do I know where to look for data or where to even start once I have got a ESP32 to connect to the BMS?

My aim is to be able to understand how to get an device which has a Bluetooth or Serial and get that data to become readable by a Pi or ESP or whatever...

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction of what I should be looking or where I can start learning?



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The Bluetooth data is probable sent as serial data. You could try using a HC-05 Bluetooth module to convert the Bluetooth data back to serial data. You could also try running a terminal emulator program such as "blue term" on your android tablet to display the data.I think some recent Raspberry Pi's and some ESP32's have built in Bluetooth interfaces.


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Okay thank you both.

I don't have an exact example for the following reasons... My issue is, once I connect my raspberry pi or esp32 to a Bluetooth device, I don't understand what I need to do next to start looking around for data... I don't know what data I'm even looking for and that's the problem.

Essentially, I would like to connect a pi/esp to a device with Bluetooth, and get to a point where I can view human readable data in the serial monitor.

Is there terms I can search for or is there a specific technique for obtaining data like this I can read about?

I hope I'm not sounding too vague...


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hi Carl,.
Do you have two ESP32 Vroom type modules with in built Bluetooth.?
If yes, you also need two USB cables [from Laptop/Desktop] to a Micro USB connectors for the ESP32 module.

For quick development, the ideal setup would be an Arduino IDE in a Laptop and a second PC with the same IDE.
Get the two PC's talking to each via the ESP32 using Bluetooth.

Using the Serial display in the PC's you could then send test data from say the PC designated as the Remote ESP32 [battery Charger end] and the Base ESP32 unit on the test bench.

Once that is working, add a TFT LCD to the Base ESP32