ESP32 flashing problems

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Hello. I have previously used ESP8266 and Weemos mini D1 microcontrollers and never had any issues. I have bought a few ESP32 now and trying to work on them.

I have getting various flashing problems with ESP32 modules. Never had any simmilar problems with multiple ESP8266 or Weemos mini D1.

When I have a seperate DC power supply connected to VIN it outputs me that:


Switching OFF external DC power supply and just leaving the USB connected to device outputs:


I have tried to change Baudrate to 115200 - no difference

Sometimes clicking EN or BOOT button it starts flashing..

Also, few very strange things I have noticed. When I have external DC supply connected and press the ENABLE button on my board:


It is giving me this message constantly. When I switch off the power supply, it gets out of this strange crash loop and starts to run my program

Can someone give me some hint and help me try understand what is wrong with these ESP32 devices?