Endurance and Reliability Test - Power Re-utilisation option Required

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We are using the following control system to do an endurance test for a Mixie Manufacturing:

We are currently having a 750W mixer grinder motor running at a given input voltage and operated for 5min ON and 2min OFF cycles for 215 hours as an endurance test.

We have connected a 750W motor as generator connected on top of the mixer as a jar and the generator is connected to the bulb holder panel where we can connect 10/20/40/60/100/200 watts bulbs as per the requirement as a load. And the current setup is running fine and serves our purpose.

The issue is already the motor noise is huge and in the top of it now the Bulbs' heat also is annoying.

Hence want to replace the bulb load and use any other option.

What are the alternative ways that you can see out of your experience?
Can I use batteries to store the generated power from the generator? and make the Battery act as a load instead of bulbs?