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I have done engineering in electronics. I have been worked with micro-controllers and Embedded C programming. I applied for the position of Embedded Engineer Automotive domain and I got an interview call letter

Job description

1. Strong knowledge in autostar

2. Hands on experience on Autosar communication stack (CAN/LIN/Flexray) configuration & integration

3. Experience in development of Application development like Active Safety or Passive safety/vehicle Diagnostics/ Communication

stack/ Operating system/ Integration/ Bootloader etc.,

4. Familiar with Automotive tools like Git, PTC, DOORS, IC5000, QAC, CANanalyzer, CANoe, Polyspace

5. Strong knowledge on programming languages like C, C++.

6. Hands on experience with 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit micro-controller

My problem is that I only have knowledge of Micro-controller and C programming I never worked in automotive domain. I have only 1 day for preparations.

I know this may not be covered one day so I thought I would not give an interview. But i feel like i should interview. I know I am going to fail but I will try to give my best. My plus point is that I know Micro and C language My negative point is that I have never worked in an automated domain before, I don't even know about CAN.

I want to know about point 1 & 2 what is their role in automotive domain ?
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Google is your friend for 1 and 2. Read up but be honest about your experience. I was just hired for a job for which my experience did not match exactly with what they were asking for in the job description, but it turned out I had some additional experience that they liked and apparently that was a good trade. Even if it doesn't work out, you will lean something and gain interview experience. So go in with a good attitude, be honest and it might just go your way, good luck!