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hi friends
i need some guidance, i new to learn embedded, any other alternative method for doing embedded programming, because i cannot able to learn embedded c, or otherwise alternative software available to generate embedded c programs ,easily to convert logic flow chart to programs like l(ab-view )etc
please share.


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So, you want something at a high level (not assembly code), but not have to generate lines of [any type of] code.

Have you considered a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)? There is some programming involved, but it is based in "logic decisions", not a programming language, per se. Here is an introduction to PLCs:

Note: the PLC solution will most likely be more expensive.

Can you share what your project is? You really shouldn't be afraid of C code.


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Google something called "Flowcode." I have never used it but have seen some who have. It seems to be something exactly like what you are looking for.
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Some systems use alternative programming languages and methods. I'm not an Arduino user, so I'm speaking out of school, but it uses an, as I understand, simpler and easier to learn programming language.