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This is the fifth thread with this name I have indexed the first 2 in my personal index, Wendy's Index . To keep it from being closed prematurely, I am setting the following rules:

1. Do not comment just for the sake of posting. Only posts containing a trick or tip will be allowed. This thread will be heavily moderated, anything posted here that do not meet this criteria in the opinion of the moderators will be deleted. If you have a question start your own thread. If you really like the idea use the "like" tag (button).

2. Any repeats of someone else's ideas from this or the previous tricks and tips threads will also be deleted.

3. At the end of this year This thread will be locked and a new one started next year.

Be aware of my comment about being heavily moderated. This thread is not meant to be a dumping ground as has happened in the past.

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Modeling 3-phase power systems in SPICE:
A lot of folks, when trying to model 3-phase circuits attempt to create three different phase shifts from a single AC voltage source. It can be done, but it's a lot more complicated than it needs to be. It's a lot more straightforward to use three independent AC sources, and set the phase shift directly.
Also, when performing an analysis of fixed frequency systems, you'll usually be using a TRANSIENT analysis, not an AC analysis.


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Make your own spiral wrap

I needed to reinforce a very small audio cable but did not have access to an open end. So I created a spiral wrap with 3/64" heat shrink tubing cut at a 45° angle. I wrapped it around the cable and secured it with an all purpose flexible glue.

spiral wrap.jpg
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