Electronic Music Playing (Chanting) Device

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Hi Guys,

I am a newbie on electronics and would like to get suggestions from url as to how to prepare a circuit for playing 7 music files(2 sec duration each)
I have read from a site that there are COB's available in the market that have a fixed music in them.
But in my case i want to embed my own sound files.
Is this possible?
Is AP89042 suitable for this project?
Kindly suggest if such other micro controllers are available in the market.



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Firstly, you need to define the format used in the music files.
Then consider the amount of memory required to store the files unless you plan on using a plug-in memory card that already holds the files.
Hence consider the length of each file and the data rate required to playback the file.
Next, you need an algorithm or software to read the file, decode the data and then output the digital data at a fixed rate to the output device.
Finally, you need a digital to analog converter (DAC) to convert the digital data to an analog voltage stream and on to an audio amplifier and loudspeaker.

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File format can be adjusted as per the requirement of the controller .I want to use a cheapest one.
For example let us consider each file is of 5kB and 7 files will be 35kB and each file will play on the click of a button.
Can u suggest a circuit for this?


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I didn't see the cost of the circuit. But I know there are Arduino shields that play MP3 or WAV files from an SD card. Total size would fit in your pocket.

There are also recordable sound modules that can store up to 8 sounds which can be changed. Use Google to find them.