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Hi all,
I am working in a mobile manufacturing company. My company is planning to change the existing electronic manufacturing service provider. We are searching for a new service provider who can finish all the building procedures at a reasonable time and cost. Our office is situated in Toronto.

While searching in different companies, I came to know about this electronic manufacturing service in Toronto. I am confused about which service provider to choose, as this is the most difficult decision to be made for a business' development. Can anyone please tell me which one to choose.


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You should match the problem to the solution.
Find a vendor that is experienced in exactly the kind of thing you are building.

And don't forget to pray that they will actually deliver.


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Research references and past jobbers similar to your need. Select at least three that can preform your task. Arrange a visit to review their facility for future bid. Take your supervisor with you. You can assess the tech aspect......let your supervisor size up the vendor quality.

Pick supervisor's brain. Try to understand his conclusions to learn what he wants. Give your opinion, let him decide.


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Yes, I'm searching for one, who can exactly meet our needs.
So what are you hoping the membership here can tell you?

How can you possibly expect anyone here to give you ANY feedback on whether this particular company can exactly meet your needs when the only "need" you have provided is "who can finish all the building procedures at a reasonable time and cost"?