Electric vehicle VSD IGBT configuration

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Hi all.

Do we have any members with experience in constructing an electric vehicle drive controller including regen braking and CANBUS control functionality ?

I am not asking people to design it for me , just looking for guides and design factors.

My starting point is Fuji or Infineon /semikron IGBT in triple bank econopak form in size of 1200 V / 200 - 300 amp modules.

There are a few gate driver packs available , some of which solder directly to the IGBT module.

I have spent around 8 hours reading manufacturers specifications so far . some of which give rough assembly guides but I am hoping to find someone who has already been there done that and can give some shortcuts to avoid another 200 hours of study.

The typical functions in an Electric vehicle controller are to utilise a battery pack connected at the DC bus of the “VFD” ,( in reality though it’s half a VFD )

I have seen people using an off the shelf VFD / VSD in home built EV’s and just connecting the battery pack at the DC bus but to get one of 200 kW they are usually huge , I think it’s possible to build one in a footprint not much bigger than a car stereo.

The vehicles foot accelerator is a linear potentiometer , or sometimes two of them in parallel to act as a self checking redundant control input , ie if one pot fails the other one prevents the risk of reversion to an instant full throttle state.

CANBUS connectivity is desirable , so any gate driver module chosen has to have that capability.

a programmable interface is also required for setting function conditions for things like rate of regen braking influenced by a pressure sensor in the brake pedal and fail safes such as switching down the controller if it passes temperature limits , or if the water cooling temperature suddenly changes preset limits .

The battery pack can be built with any voltage to suit the input limits of the chosen IGBT , typical is 400 - 650 VDC.

The output will be variable torque < > variable speed with frequency up to around 200 Hz , motor Speed up to around 5500 / 6000 RPM.

Anyone have thoughts to share on hardware configuration and software controls ?