Electric Field Water Bridge

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The water flows from anode to cathode. But there remains questions regarding the role of the microstructure on conductivity.
The water becomes ordered having microstructure. At least this is what we might understand when electricity is applied: Does gravity play a role?
The following year the water bridge experiment was done in zero G the information was made public.
An observation (which may not be accurate) the effect of gravity on electricity in distilled water. The weak conductivity of distilled water became weaker as G decreased. The water bridge in zero G was not great success as a result interesting thing happened. An oscillation (power supply wavyness)formed nodes and the bridge ruptured, the water formed round droplets and traveled horizontal in both directions to the poles of the e-field. The microstructure in zero G forms spheres in the process the diameter first grows then shrinks resulting in the new spherical structure being less conductive in the water bridge.
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