Efficient Implementation for a Maximum Voltage Finder

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I am trying to find/design a circuit that finds the maximum voltage from multiple inputs. I found a patent US6,188,251B1 that describes something similar, but I am wondering if there are any off-the-shelf IC out there that do what I need? I figure if designing a circuit using regular op amps the circuit would become huge as the number of inputs (and thus outputs) increase.


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One chip, 48 channels. I did not spend the time to see if there was a bigger package
to get to 64 channels, but I think there is one. The SAR is 12 bits. May be able to
do this with its DelSig for 16 - 20 bits.

SAR channel sample rate is 100K SPS, sample rate of all 48 channels is ~ 2K SPS.

If V's are > 5V you would need R dividers at each input.


Note I did not add other resources (which are on chip) for LCD interface, COMM,
timers,counters, PWMs.....blah blah blah (see attached component list). A component
is an onchip resource.

PSOC Creator is free tool - http://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-creator-integrated-design-environment-ide

Board to start with $ 10 (This does not have enough I/O pinned out to do all
channels, you would need to do your own PCB layout). You can use the board
to debug basic approach, write code, etc.. Then scale the settings to do a chip
and program to place on PCB to do all channels.


Regards, Dana.


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