effective channel length in hspice

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  1. lili94

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    Nov 6, 2015
    I have a basic question. I want to simulate a 14 stages ring oscillator under all possible values of effective channel length (from 35nm to 55nm) and temperature(from 20 C to 150 C) via Hspice, with the 45nm high-performance predictive technology model. But I don't know how simulate with different effective channel length and temperature! Please help me. This is the what I write with 90nm, but it doesn't work:

    *CMOS Ring Oscillator

    .include 'e:\PTM90.txt'

    V1 vdd 0 5V
    V2 vss 0 0V

    .PARAM Le=90nm
    .PARAM Wi=180nm

    .subckt inv Vout Vin Vdd Vss
    * D G S SS Model W L *
    M1 Vout Vin Vdd Vdd PMOS W=Le L=2Wi
    M2 Vout Vin Vss Vss NMOS W=Le L=2Wi
    CL1 Vout Vss .1pF
    .ends INV

    *14 stage ring
    x1 2 1 vdd vss inv
    x2 3 2 vdd vss inv
    x3 4 3 vdd vss inv
    x4 5 4 vdd vss inv
    x5 6 5 vdd vss inv
    x6 7 6 vdd vss inv
    x7 8 7 vdd vss inv
    x8 9 8 vdd vss inv
    x9 10 9 vdd vss inv
    x10 11 10 vdd vss inv
    x11 12 11 vdd vss inv
    x12 13 12 vdd vss inv
    x13 14 13 vdd vss inv
    x14 1 14 vdd vss inv

    .MODEL nch NMOS
    .MODEL pch PMOS

    .tran 10ps 64us
  2. eetech00

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    Jun 8, 2013
    If HSpice supports a ".step" function, you could step through the value.

    * step Le value from 35n to 55n in 1n increments
    .step param Le 35e-9 55e-9 1e-9
  3. lili94

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    Nov 6, 2015

    Thanks eetech00, but my main code for 14 stages ring oscillator doesn't work, I mean without multiple length. Just the main code.
  4. eetech00

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    Jun 8, 2013
    Sometimes you have to "kick start" oscillation.
    Try setting the initial value at the input node of the first inverter to "0" volts.

    I think that is node "1".

    .IC V(1)=0