eeprom programming

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Mike Ash

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I am not an electronics expert at all, so I just want to make that clear up front. Here is my project in a nut shell.

I need a device that I can attach to a computer via the USB port that has a unique identifier/serial number, or a device that I can write an alphanumeric number to and then read it using WMI query preferably, or some sort of script. Once written the value will not change, but it will be read multiple times a day.

I got what I wanted with a USB flash drive, because it has a unique serial number on each pen drive, and I could also write a text file to it and call it up using WMI query. I thought my problem was solved, but when we presented it to the client, they did not like the idea of a flash drive being used because it showed up in the drive list and users would click on it then call the helpdesk when they could not access it. I know there are ways to hide the drive letter, but the flash drive is out and will not be accepted by the client. They are also squeamish about using flash drives with the recent security scares.


1. Find a device that has a permanent unique serial number or a device I can write a value to and then easily read that value using WMI query, or some sort of script.

2. Construct a circuit for the device to connect to the USB port, or use something already available.