Easiest way from 2x10 (0.05“ pitch) header to 0.1”

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As per title, I have a debug header with a 2x10 0.05" setup on a board I'm working with. This was chosen because of the space constraints. I'm looking for the cleanest way to go from this header to a standard 0.1" pitch header that I can connect my logic analyzer and other debugging equipment to.

For the 2x5 I'm using this Adafruit breakout board that works really well, but couldn't find something similar for 2x10.



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Lengths of stripped 22 gauge wire inserted into the 2x10 socket and then fed into holes of a blank protoboard with the 2x5's mounted. Solder. Good for in-a-pinch. Not for the ham-fisted who would easily bend the wires. I did this recently when I wanted to mount a 4-digit 7-seg display above a microcontroller on a breadboard instead of taking up horizontal real estate.

EDIT: Or whatever gauge wire fits your socket.
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