Dwyer 490A manometer repair - erratic read out

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Can anyone tell me what these IC components are? Top one marking is HMWQ and lower IC first line is LBPV, second N727 and third is 011. Looked online but no luck. I am not an engineer just a repair tech. Not sure what the function of them is since I couldn't locate any info other than instruction on how to use the device. I believe they are regulators and possibly proprietary components. The device is powered by a 9v battery. The fault is the meter will not 'zero' out and shows an erratic reading causing it to display an error message and alarm sounds when powered up while connected to secondary board. When this board is remove from the main board, it has a steady display with a different reading and no alarm but will not zero out probably because it needs access the sensors on the other board. Meter was not dropped as far as I've been told.


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