DSC-P52 digital camera power button

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The socket for the power and shutter button is broken off and 2 of it solder pad too. I was unable to find where it come from and tried soldering some wire but 2 missing solder pads are still there. is it have a multilayer?
here is the image:

And here is what the wire looks like(green and red wires are the same in the upper image):

is there a new way to connect the wire?


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Welcome to AAC.

I’m sorry to say that your photos are very hard to interpret and the soldering on the flex is such a mess I can’t tell what is going on, it even appears there may be a bridge between the first two pins.

Using what appears to be solid enameled wire of such large gauge is not helping things either.

I also can’t tell exactly what you are asking. It would be my suggestion to carefully remove all of the wires you have added and clean up the excess solder with desoldering braid. Then get some small gauge silicone insulated wire and make the connections again.

You might have been able to find a replacement connector but I think you are past that now.

On your missing pads, you will need to figure out logically, according to circuit function where to expect those pads to end up and then start probing to find the nearest place to connect to the trace that goes there.

Your current approach, even if you manage to get it to “work” is nerdy unlikely to be reliable. I wish I could offer more but the flex and connector pads are a mess and your description is very hard to follow.

(On a side note it would be very unlikely for the PCB to not be multilayer.)