Drain current of Depletion type MOSFET in two different regions

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Babun Pal

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I have a few doubts about depletion type MOSFET:

1. The schematic symbol of Depletion type MOSFET and Deletion-Enhancement type MOSFET are the same. Therefore, if any one of them is used in a circuit schematic, how can we distinguish them?

2. For Enhancement type MOSFET, the drain current in two different regions are:

Triode region:


Saturation Region:


What are the drain current equations for a Depletion type MOSFET in saturation region and triode region?

Would you be kind to clarify me the above two doubts?

Thank you.


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You would have to look at the part number to determine whether the MOSFET is enhancement or depletion.

I believe the equations are the same except Vth is opposite polarity for a depletion mode.