Double battery bank charge controller with switch mode?

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Hello everyone.

I got this idea about charge controller with switch mode. It goes something like this.

I want to have a charge controller for 2 battery banks, like in a vehicle, driving on one bank and charging the other one with smaller motor than is powering the vehicle, or with solar panel. So when bank 1 is getting low it will switch to bank 2 and start charging bank 1.

Does is all ready exist or am I just dreaming?


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Don't know if it already exists.
But what would be the point, except making a serial hybrid even more complex?
Look at the energy balances between batteries, generator and drive motors.
It has no difference to existing systems.


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No point in it but to waste more energy carrying an extra battery ( dead weight) that is never directly contributing to the propulsion of the vehicle.

Either use one battery to reduce weight plus the solar panel and or aux engine power to extend the driving distance or both batteries to increase the reserve power.