Don't know where to start on this project.

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I have been tasked with a project that I'm sure is simple but I still feel its beyond my skill level. I could really use some guidance/advice/help/anything.

The project is to create a device that has an adjustable timer from 0.5 seconds to 10 seconds with the accuracy of +/-10 milliseconds. After the predetermined time it will need to be able to send between 3 - 7 VDC with the current of 1amp.

Some other requirement or things to be noted:
Has to be battery powered.
Could sit dormant for days to months (so turning it on and off would be an option I assume).
The timer will start when a button is pressed or a jumper is pulled.

At this point I found out I know enough, to know that I don't know nearly enough. I'm a software programming and I have build a few CNC machines. Most of the stuff I have made have plenty of documentation. It was really just like putting together legos with pre-made circuits(ie: drivers and controllers). Because of the things I made my co-workers assume I can make my own circuits and devices, which I'm sure I can, but not with the limited knowledge I currently have. That's why I'm here looking some one to point me in the right direction so I can live up to the expectation that I never met to set. Plus it can't hurt to learn something it new, that part is always exciting.

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Since you have some programming experience, take a look at Microchip's curiosity board. $20 plus a USB cable and the free MPLABX / XC8 C compiler and you are on your way. It even includes the programmer and debugger. You can sleep the processor to save power while you wait for the button then do a simple timing routine to drive a relay or whatever you need. You might need to cut and splice a bit for battery power - see the schematics in the docs.