Beginner and i don't know where to start

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Hey guys i got recommended to this forum and i though i would give it a shot. I'm am greatly fascinated in electronics and how they work and want to start learning how to make things on my own. To help give you a better idea of what i'm interested in you can view this youtube channel Also i want to restore/build me own arcade cabinet, just a few ideas i've had also i love retro video games(just trying to give you ideas to help you lead me in the right direction). Any book or anything you can think of to help me start would be greatly appreciated.


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Well at the top of this forum you can see diffrent topics which explain basics :)
I started by learning all the basic components and what they do . Also some DC theory etc.

After you learn the basics the best thing you can probably do (in my opinion) is build and build circuits because that's the only way you will intuitively understand how they work .
I suggest getting a bread board and a variety of basic components and play with them while alongside learning the theory

I started out on that site :


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Provided you are in the US, about the only thing I will ever recommend someone to get from Radioshack (perhaps, aside from the latest phone) is the Electronics Learning Lab kit. The kit is very nice, giving the user a feel for what the components do, along with some practical applications, without too much math. I think it couples quite well with the ebook here, as Forest M. Mims III is very good at explaining the electronics to someone with little, to no, background in electronics. It goes over both analog and digital components and provides numerous experiments and applications of both.

If you aren't in the US, I've seen a more restricted version available on Amazon, that is comparable to the one linked above.