Don't have oscilloscope? Now you do, and free!!

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But, if you go the soundcard route, you should really protect your soundcard with one of these:

Razor Concepts posted it in another thread. $2.14 with FREE shipping. So... its worth a try.
Hey good idea, if you fry one of these, you lost absolutely nothing. LOL. I'm enjoying my new sound card, it has surround sound and stuff, really much better than my onboard. So perhaps frying it was a good thing. LOL.

I prefer the jyetech scope. I still can't get over its accuracy for such a small little thing. Only the Japanese could come up with something like this.


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hello, count volta
the oscilloscope you stated is a very good tool.I am using zelscope for a long time but, the scope v1.2 stated by you is pretty good.
thanks a lot.
I too recommend this for designers.