Does someone sell blank USB perf board?

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There are some LED lights make on a thin stick that plugs into a USB port. For fun I'd like to get some blank boards like that with a male usb connector but I'm not sure what search term to use. Does someone sell something like that?

I've tried searching Google for "USB perf board" and didn't find what I wanted. I'll try looking for "USB breakout board" too.

I already have the standard male USB snap-together components, but I want just a board with 4 USB metal stripes on it.

Reason: I want to make a USB light with a 3-way switch so the LED will have 2 brightness levels. So I have to fit the LED, 2 resistors, and a switch on the board, 2.54mm pitch.

If I trim this one I don't now if those edge patches will line up in a female USB port.

Thank you!
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