Does anyone know where to buy a 4 kW motor in Canada?

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Does anyone know where I can find a 4kw dc motor in canada?
I would like to surprise my father with a project we can work on together.
If anyone can help out that would be great, thanks
(Edit:If possible I would like it to be fairly small, but if not thats fine. Sorry)
4 KW equates to 4000 watts / 746 = 5.36 HP. This will typically be a 3 phase unit 208/230/460 VAC rated 5 HP. 50/60 Hz. AC Induction motor. This type of motor is very common throughout North America and may be purchased at any industrial motor distributor. It should also be used with an Industrial Motot Starter specified for the application.
For DC Servise, 180 VDC, 2 HP is the largest available unit I can find. SCR Control allows smooth operation even at low RPM.

Cheers, DPW [ Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.]
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The typical TM motor goes up to around 3 HP, you may find one that is the industrial versions that go higher.
Without knowing the end application it is hard to suggest a model.
As there is the >5hp DC starter motor, with older versions series field motor, must be operated under load only.
Automotive winches also.