DIY SMT Pick and Place machine

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I'm thinking of making a DIY SMT Pick and Place machine for small home projects. What hardware and camera would you recommend for image processing. TinyML?

The goal is to make an XY-table with a camera and a vacuum pickup and place tool. The small SMT parts in the 0201 package will be placed in the corner of the XY table on a piece of anti-static plastic in numbered rectangles written in marker, which should allow the camera to pick up the correct part lying in any position but with the correct side up (and possibly recognize a Pin 1 on the part) and place it in the correct place on the PCB using the PnP file.


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Whoa! Have you checked the price of a commercial machine?
Pick and Place machine for small home projects? That's not going to happen.
How many boards do you plan on assembling?

I can do it by hand a lot quicker and cheaper.

Now, a DIY CNC machine would be a lot more useful and that I have done.


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I hardly do SMT and still use a pincer, still struggling with soldering. I think I'd try solder paste and hot air, that seemed a lot easier but is pricy.