Diodes in AC circuit backfeed protection

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Hey guys I’m a 309A electrician in canada and I’m falling in love with the fun part of the electronics world and I’m having a real life problem I’m trying to solve. I have a 120 volt 20 amp circuit that what it controls gets a Dc backfeed and fries a gfci device. i need to block all Dc backfeed shorts to a chasis on a vehicle that when I connect 120 volt cord end to this vehicle that’s not grounded and sitting with 12 DC shorts that just scream down the 120 volt neautral Conductor and destroy my gfci protection device. How do I stop the Dc back feed tottally? I said simple a diode that is 120 volt Ac rated wirh a 2500 watt ability . problem is they don’t make one I can find. Could I use branch that 20 amp fees in parraalel with 5 or 6 diodes that the positive bias that are rated for 6 amps each so that the circuits current is divided into 5-6 branch terminals and then back into one conductor after the terminal blocks diodes, if I so this and Have the diode installed in the Fwd biased so that the batteries won’t be able to send DC down my ac system because diodes only like current flows through one direction correct?
Is there a better solution. ? Pnp Mosfet?