Digitally storing single sweep scope output waveform


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I was going to use my old Dell Dimension 3000 computer, which is about 12 years old, I think.

That would work for that cheapy scope as long as it is still XP. Might be worth the $20 just to pay with it. It would be not the end of the world if you wanted to move up to a better scope.

Roderick Young

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I've been away for a long time helping a friend with her move to another state, and a few minutes ago came across this advertisement that appears to be perfect for monitoring the analog output of my accelerometer. Best of all it's only $13.50. ...
Just remember, maximum sampling rate of 1 kHz. That's actually poorer performance than using the audio input of your sound card as an oscilloscope. But if that will do it for you, go for it.