Digital control Boost converter

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Hello everybody,
this is my first thread in allaboutcircuits, i learn a lot from this forum, thank you verry much for all your participations,
PS : my English is not very well don't hesitate to pose your questions for any clarification
I'm working on 1KW isolated smart battery charger,
the AC-DC part is constituted of a bridge rectifier, and interleaved PFC (AC : 80V to 265V and DC=390V) 80kHz
the DC-DC part is a half bridge LLC with synchronous rectification, 110kHz
the charger is equipped with all the protections, and integrate CAN protocol for communication,
the battery charger is 12V, and 4 outputs,
PIC 12f in the primary side and a Dspic33 in the secondary side,
there is a lot of analog control in my board (40% of the surface) and i wish to have a digital control of a pfc for the beginning (controlled today with UCC28070),
have any one an experience on building a digital controlled PFC? if yes what do you recommend to start with?
any application note, course,formation, or video to learn from is welcome.