differential opamp questions

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Santa klaus

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the circuit below is a simple differential amplifier used for current sensing. I know how it works however i had 2 questions.
-what is the purpose of capacitor C1
-why is there a resistor and capacitor on the output
My guess is the resistor is needed to drive the MCU's ADC pin with a high enough source impedance to have the right ADC conversion rate;
Can someone help me clarify this ?


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Both questions relate to filtering out noise. The simulation may not do a good job of simulating noise, but it's definitely a real-world concern. You might try injecting some high-frequency noise onto the inputs, so you can see how the circuit behaves with and without C1, C2 and R7.
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Both RC circuits for low-pass filters.

The input cap is probably to suppress RF interference, the output cap provides additional suppression of high frequency garbage.