Difference fuses 5MF or normal

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Hi everyone,
I have one doubt about the fuses.

I own a package of fuses which are 2A /250v.
I need to replace some of them for one device, but this one needs 5MF 2A/250v and LF 1A/250v .
Which are the difference between normal fuses and those with "MF" "LF"?
Another thing is... these ones, the thread they use is wavy, while the normal ones (2A/250v) the thread is straight.
Can I replace with those? Or it's not a good idea?
Thank you very much.


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I would replace a fuse with a like item. When at design time of whatever product you have a fuse, be it fast blow or slow blow, glass or ceramic was chosen for a reason. What was once a simple field now has become fuseology 101. Avoid problems and always replace with a like item. Pretty sure the manufacturer had a reason for choosing the fuse they did.