Difference between LED and LASER power driving

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Hi, I wanted to know if there are and what are the differences between a power supply for a high power LED and a high power laser diode.
I ask why I would like to know if I can use a schematic for a LED driver also for a laser of similar power.


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Any DC psu will drive a Led or Laser diode as long as it can give the required output in Watts and Amps, usually these are Constant Current driven.


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In both cases a power supply that can sense module T and regulate power/current
being delivered to device.

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Stability and accuracy. A bit too much power into a LED will make it brighter and possibly reduce it lifetime. The same
into a laser can break it instantly (< 1 uSec) as the high optical power blows off pieces of the semiconductor. So can
a static discharge. So a little extra voltage peak on turn on can easily destroy a laser diode.

Also the difference between the correct lasing current and too much may be very small and vary with temperature.
A lot of laser diodes have a feedback photodiode which can be used to sense the laser power and to adjust the
driving power as the temperature changes.