Diff between 4 pin & 3 pin mobile battery

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I have attached a pdf file in which there is 4 pin mobile battery (first 3 pages) & then 3 pin mobile battery(next 3 page).

2. I have to replace 4 pin battery to 3 pin battery.

3. But I dont know what are connection of 4 pin & 3 pin here?

4. On various internet pages, I dont find any concesus, some says it is thermistor, some says its SDA/SCL or 2 wire interface. Ofcourse its due to each manufactuere can make in their own type.
Anybody has idea of this specific battery?



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Normally in a 3 pin battery, 2 are common and in a 4 pin battery, 2 pairs are common.
You will have to determine which pins are common by actually measuring the voltages/resistances between them.

The internal links in the battery are to protect the phone and ensure that the phone cannot be switched ON by an external charger supply without the correct battery in place.

That aside, whether the battery can be replaced by another will depend on what are the "linkages", their sequence and the spacings.