Diet Coke V Normal Water


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About the cattle the worst thing I always feared was when they were putting growth hormone in the cattle. I fully believe theres a scientific reason 16 year old girls now look in their mid 20's. My friends got a daughter in 10th grade and my lord the girls didn't look like that when I was a kid.Then again kids getting boob jobs and platic surgery is norm now so who knows?
That is so true. Have you seen the other side of it - the "Disappearing Male" doc discussed some of the effects of the hormone-mimicking plastics that are out there


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The fact is there are known problems, such as BP plastics mentioned above, that literally take an act of congress to fix. The free market industries have little or no incentive, and show a base indifference to the suffering they may be causing.

Declaring it is peoples fault that that are not taking responsibility for their health is not helpful, and only serves to prolong the problems. Don't think the industries uses these mems. We all know that a lot of jobs involve sitting long durations (which also shortens lifespan dramatically) and a minimum of exercise, but diminishing problems we know exist while ignoring pertainant issues is very bad practice. It is possible some folks would not have the problems if it weren't for the other problems.

Frankly folks, there is an open bias against obese people. It is all our fault (I am obese), and there is no slack cut what so ever. It routinely reaches the level of discrimination, and the open contempt is accepted and encouraged. I would suggest, knowing our food is routinely tainted, that a reassesment is needed. It is going to be your kids and grandkids that pay the price for your indifference.
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I agree with what you say, but I believe that a total overhaul is needed. As a foreigner in North America, the first thing that you notice is the amount of people that are overweight. If you go to central Canada, same deal. Fly into Europe, spent some time in the airport, you can easily see where people are coming from... I want to know why and how is it that nobody has raised hell about it before, or should I just repeat... money? Corporate state, nothing more, and now the whole world is involved in this. I am sad. When you see obese children, something is clearly wrong.

Btw, I would like to gain some weight, but I cannot because of my meds, they seem to eat up whatever I eat... my weight is very low, I get complements from some people and I have to bite my tongue to not talk back. You call that looking good? The whole world is messed up.

Rant over.