Diet Coke V Normal Water

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Hi all

For the past 1 year I have been drinking diet coke with my lunch instead of my usual tap water and found it has a bad effect on my weight ! :mad:

I thought since its DIET coke, it wouldn't have much calories but that's not the case I guess !

I'm so used to drinking coke with lunch that now I am finding it difficult to quit ! What should I do?



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You can drink the diet stuff, or even the real stuff. Just be sure to balance it out. Perhaps walk to work once a week or go for a small jog. It doesn't matter how many calories you take, just be sure to burn them off.


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If your body thinks it is consuming something sweet, it will react as it would if it had consumed something sweet.
I know of no one that lost weight or kept it off by drinking diet soda.

As far as the chemicals, I agree whole-heartedly with mr chips. Your pancreas, liver and kidneys, among other organs,will let you know just what damage can be done.


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I doubt the coke has much to do with it, although I've heard that sweeteners make you feel hungry.
To make a noticeable difference to your weight you probably have to gain a few pounds, for each pound you need a surplus of around 4500 calories, try to find where they are coming from.


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Diet coke is, in many ways, even less healthy for you than the real stuff. The diet coke has many more preservatives and artificial sweeteners that have actually been proven to be harmful to many people. Aspertame is the main one, and a lot of people have a sort of allergic reaction to it without even really noticing. My advice: Stay away from ALL diet drinks. Period.

If you must have a coke-like beverage, get regular coke, but do as Sparky said. You need to balance it out with healthy food, as well as plenty of exercise. Your body needs some fat, but it needs to be kept at a healthy level. Bring some fruit along with your lunch, or some vegetables. Also, get as much exercise as you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you don't already. Park a little bit further away from your place of work, so you have to walk a little further each day. It's small things like that that can make a huge difference ;)

Also, if you dedicate even just 15 minutes each day to walking on a treadmill, doing situps, or another form of relatively rigorous exercise, I'm sure you'll see quite a change in your health. You don't necessarily need to go to the gym every day, or spend hours exercising (that's actually NOT recommended). Just make a few minor changes to your daily routine.

Good luck :)
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Don't drink it. The artificial sweetener in it can actually metabolize into formaldehyde and build up over time in your body, poisoning you. It is VERY bad stuff that leaves you weak and lethargic and eventually what is supposed to help you lose weight by lowering your caloric intake, will end up making you fat by lowering your overall activity.
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Aspartame sweetener monkeys with your metabolism--your body goes into starvation mode and conserves all available carbohydrates--hence weight gain--most obese people drink this stuff.

Also, it is very addicting--your brain needs it or else you feel really bad--the soda manufacturers well understand this and profit thereby.

Do not know if it is best to go cold turkey, but you must get off this stuff--there is a whole raft of diseases related to aspartame--the worst part of it is that few doctors have been trained in environmental medicine and do not recognize the symptoms, nor realize the danger.

BTW, careful that you do not jump out of the frying pan into the fire by drinking fluoridated water--do not get me started on that one...


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Going a bit off topic again, one of my favourite bits of Dr. Strangelove:
"You and I need fresh pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids. Have you ever wondered why I only drink distilled water and rainwater, and only pure grain alcohol? Have you ever heard of fluoridation? Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?"


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You know, I hear a lot of claims but very little proof. Aspartame is not related to formaldehyde. It doesn't convert as claimed. Snoops has an interesting article on the subject that debunks the concept that Aspartame causes Multiple Sclerosis and Aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde if the can is heated or old.. I believe most of what out there is myth.

To quote Mark Twain, It ain't what people know that gets them into trouble, it's what they know that ain't so.


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While the formaldehyde idea is most likely a stretch, the addictive nature of this substance is a problem. So is the way it came to be. I urge people to check out how the gov. is keeping us safe - companies rule themselves. Europe is always jumpy, but US mostly either discredits european studies or ignores them. Go back to how this thing was brought in - it was not a walk in the park... but it's all about money oh, and I believe Monsanto is involved as well. It is difficult to research this particular topic as most papers seem to be biased one way or another. I like real products, not man-made chemicals.


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I like real products, not man-made chemicals.
Yeouch! I guess you have not seen the documentary move "Food INC" about food manufacture in the USA? Seriously it's a must-see.

Almost everything you eat is man made chemicals and was fed man made chemicals when it was growing...


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Yeouch! I guess you have not seen the documentary move "Food INC" about food manufacture in the USA? Seriously it's a must-see.

Almost everything you eat is man made chemicals and was fed man made chemicals when it was growing...
Got to draw a line somewhere... example - consider raw sugar relatively real compared to aspartame. Similar to Canola oil vs. Olive oil :eek:


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You guys are ganging up on pressing all my buttons!

I can get started on this one... but I'll let someone else have a go for a change.

Margarine vs butter. Marks... Set... Go!