DeWalt DW079 rotary laser speed controller not working

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Hey folks,
I am having a problem with my DeWalt rotary laser level, which is not powering after about two years of not being used.
Perhaps worth mentioning, the box the device comes with, doesn't allow for the battery to be stored separately, so for the entire period of the storage, the battery was hooked to it, but, obviously, without powering it (the level automatically powers off if not used for a certain time).
The device is powered by an 18V battery (DeWalt DC9096), which I measured with the multimeter after charging it, and has a voltage of 20.2 V.
After several unsuccessful attempts to start the device, I opened it and decided to measure voltage in several spots after the battery connector.
The board is getting power at the mains, and I get various voltages in some of the connectors, except the JF3, which is a ribbon connector feeding the control panel (the on/off button, the levelling adjustments, rotating speed, etc.).
I tried to contact the manufacturer to get a diagram with the voltages in various locations, but I was unsuccessful, hence I don't have a diagram to understand the overall functionality, so - beyond measuring voltages in some spots, I genuinely don't know what trail to follow.
I am attaching two pictures which are showing the board, as an attempt to get some advice of what components might likely be faulty, or where to go with the diagnosing from here.
I can provide answers to any questions you might have.
Thanks, Vlad



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The LM2596 is a step down regulator, I can't see what the 8 pin chip is.. there's a fuse next to the yellow wire check that.