Designing regenerative breaking system for wind turbine generator.

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Hi all, I am currently in my last year of study at University and I am working on my final year project for a braking system for a wind turbine generator.

I am not actually building a working turbine as the wind power and rotational speed will be simulated in a lab. I will be using a 24v DC motor as the generator (I have others at my disposal) and will be designing and building my own circuit to control the rotary speed.

I am looking for advice on whether to go for regenerative braking or an H bridge design or a DC injection system for the DC motor brake (mainly looking at the latter two). The aim of the braking system is to cap the speed of the wind turbine and not to brake the motor to a full stop, what feed back system is best for this? Also, is it feasible to design a control system that is capable of running off the power generated by the turbine?

You advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
Hi i am a fourth year electrical system engineering student. Currently i am doing my final year project about designing regenerative breaking system for wind turbine generator. Please help me to do about this project because all i search in the internet are all about RBS in EV not wind turbine generator. If you can please share me any reference paper about this project or your project report. Please help me thank you.

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A basic wind turbine is a big fan that is constantly "regeneraterativly" braked by the electrical generator ....

So you project makes no sense... the generator fixed to the fan is breaking it already , if you want , increase the size of the generator this will 'break' the fan more , but then more stress on the tower etc , which also has to be increased in strength .

Are you really a 4th year elect eng student !! ???