Designing off grid solar pvt(pv series/parallel confirmation)

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Lala Lulu

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Hello..and a good day to you.
I have some problems on pvt.
So, i try to design or more accurately calculate the pvt system given to me.

The main data is as below
Energy consumption, E=6.7kWh/day and the Pload=2.5kW
PV - 24 Vdc, 100Wp (Isc=5.4,Vmp=18.75 V)
i have attach on how do i calculate question will be on how many pv panels in series and parallel needed?
if i get about 1.28 for panel in series..should it be 1 or 2 modules for calculation. Is it logic for series to have 1 module and parallel about 67 How should i approach this figures?
I hope someone can enlighten me.
Thank you.