Designing an amplifier circuit followed by a comparator

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Saswat Priyadarshi Nayak

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I have a signal output whose voltage ranges from 120uv to 15mv ...i need to set a reference point in between those voltages- (v) and V must be as closer to 120uv for minimizing error. the condition is i want to glow a led when voltage output is >V(ref voltage) and led in off state when voltage output < V.

to do so i thought of amplifying the signal to range of volts and then use a comparator to make the led on and off for those ranges. But it seems that the ompamp i was using ic-741 had an offset voltage of 10mv.. due to which the voltage output from the amplifier circuit saturated to Vcc(sat).


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To go to what low of a level, you likely will need to create a negative rail - even R2R opamps aren't going to work at 120uv.

I would use a dual opamp and one as amplifier and another as comparator.