Designing a pet toy using 555 timer in tinkercad

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I have been trying to design a circuit using the 555 timer IC that can be used as a pet toy. At least with 5 LEDs in tinkercad. But I have been having issues how to design it. and have been finding difficuities to explain how the circuit can work as a pet top


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It is supposed to create any simple pet toy using the outputed waveform. for example a pet toy that can be played with kids. just a simple pet with demostration of how it can work in tinkercad
There is literally no way to help you if you don't describe what a "pet toy" is. It's not something that has a formal definition. You have to describe what the toy will do, not vaguely but specifically. What will the LEDs do? "Light up" isn't enough information.

If you are asking someone to tell you what a "pet toy" is you won't be getting any help, you have to tell us what you want the 555 and LEDs to do, then we can help. Repeating "pet toy" isn't that.


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Sometimes it helps to make a chart with time on the x axis, and number of parallel blocks to represent the individual LED’s. Then notate the on and off cycles in respect to time.