Design of Voltage to frequency converter (VOC)

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Hello, this is my first time posting on this website, but I am desperate for knowledge and help.

My electronics professor wants me to create a voltage to frequency converter. the specs are straight forward. The control voltage (DC)needs to be from 0V-10V. The output (square waveform) needs to be from 0V-7V and its frequency has to be proportional in such a way that for every volt inputted, 1KHz is outputted, etc. The duty cycle is not important for this design. It can also output a 0V-7V triangular waveform but that is optional. I have looked into various designs and I found two that seem practical.
The first one is just an op-amp integrator configuration with a schmit trigger. What I understand is that the op-amp gives me a triangular wave and the schmitt gives me the square wave (a question that arises for me is, how do I determine the values of the components?). And the other is more confusing for me. It contains a current source ( I am confused with this circuit), the schmitt trigger and two op amps which output the respective triangular and square wave. Does anyone have some idea or advice on how I should start? thanks !!


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