Design Closed-loop Controller for DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter

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    Oct 1, 2016
    I have a project to design a buck-boost convener, the input will be a solar cell with using battery as an energy storage system, and the load (output) will be an LED lamp.I Already do the calculations for my design. But,I want to design a controller for for this buck boost converter.
    Vin=30 V
    Vout= 20 V
    Iout=0.5 A
    Ripple voltage and current is 5%. Switching Frequency 20 KHz.
    D (Duty Cycle)=0.4
    L= 24000 uF
    C= 10 uF
    I want the output voltage (Vout) to remains 20V, In case of input voltage (Vin) decreased gradually from 30V up to 10V.
    How can i design a controller (Closed loop) for for this buck boost converter?

    I have did simulation for the design using PSIM software.