Dependent source problem: Using Superposition theorem to find I & with an another way.

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Hi all !

Find the I of the A/C circuit with Superposition theorem and verify it by another method of your choice.

This is my try:

I'm on the right track?
The solutions have some differences, can they be accepted?



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The differences between your two answers seem excessive. It might just be a small math error, but your answers should agree to three sig figs give or take.

You need to start checking the correctness of your answers from the answers themselves. Working the problem multiple ways is a good thing to do, as well, but once you have an answer you should be able to use that answer to determine if it is consistent with the original problem. For instance, assume that your answer is correct and use it to figure out other voltages and currents in the circuit. Work your way around to some known quantity, such as a given voltage source or a given current source, and see if the voltage or current your answer results in for that source agrees closely with the given value.