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Can anyone help my Duratool DZ 915 de soldering station is not heating up properly, It gets to 340 Celsius but very slowly , IT has a max temp of 480 Celsius . Just wonder if anyone knows what could be wrong , I think it could be the heating element starting to go but not sure ?.


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If it's the element, you can buy a new replacement iron for €15.. Or less...

The iron uses a thermocouple as temperature sensor.


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It's possible, but heating elements usually fail suddenly; like light bulbs. Could also be the thermostat or whatever is used to adjust the temperature.


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Possibly the power supply? Check for bad caps, and confirm that it's delivering the correct voltage. If that's the problem, I'd also expect the iron wouldn't keep a steady tip temperature when soldering big stuff.
And a slim possibility: some setting in the brain got tweaked that causes it to heat up more slowly.
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