DC Motor On/Off Charging BMS Circuit

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Hello Everyone,
I would like to DIY a setup as shown below. Basically, use a 5S 18650 battery with a BMS circuit to drive a DC motor.
Question 1
When I want to charge the battery using the BMS, I don't want the BMS to drive the motor.
So when I connect the charger, the switch should allow me to charge the battery through the BMS and isolate the motor.
Basically, I want to have either a charging or discharge setup. What kind of switch or circuit do I need in this case?
Question 2
Is the BMS circuit with 30 A max too much. Should a 10 A BMS be enough as the circuit draws only 5 A?
Question 3
The on/off switch circuit i need has to be button type. When pressed, it switches on and stays on until pressed again to switch it off.
Thank you everyone for any advice you can provide.