DC current amplification without changing the voltage.

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Swapnil Wankhede

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Hey Guys,
I am designing an electronic circuit for theater lighting. I am using (12v/ 35watt / 0.15 amp) DC bulbs. The input is 230v AC supply and I have connected a step down transformer, a rectifier and a zeiner diode (for constant voltage). I need the output to be 12v and 2.1 ampere. can someone help me amplify the output current from >1 ampere to 2.1 ampere dc. Is it possible to do so with a Bipolar Junction Transistor ?


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Furthermore, this doesn't sound like a reasonable application for a zener diode. Could we see your proposed circuit?


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This is one way to use a relay to amplify 12 VAC into 12VDC at 2.1 amps.
If you used 4 diodes you could make the transformer and the capacitor smaller.12V to2A.jpg


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1. 35 W at 12 V is 2.92 A, not 0.15 A, and error of 1945%. Please repost with correct numbers.

2. To regulate a power source at that power level can be done with a zener diode, but the result will be extremely inefficient and relatively expensive. Without getting into regulator circuits using ICs, there are simple regulator circuits that will perform adequately for your application. Do you have access to power transistors like a 2N3055 or TIP41?

What are the max and min output currents the supply will have to deliver?