Data logger design using CR2032

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Can anyone tell be about the functioning of cr2032 battery in negative temperature?
I am trying to work it in -30°C for monitoring temperature. But it won't work even in -10°C.
In the datasheet it was mentioned that it will work in the operating range of -30°C to +60°C.

Kindly suggest me if any additional coating or insulation needed for my circuit to work.


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Try another battery. Or another make. The activity of all batteries goes down when it gets cold because the little men inside the battery get slower and slower. They go to sleep at minus 15 degrees C. You can keep them warm with a peltier module or an electric blanket.

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I tried four different make and it won't help.
And also I had the similar device which have the same CR2032 batteries and it works fine in minus 30 deg C.
Is there any conformal coating or insulation that will help?


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Operating range does not mean that it will output 3V at -30C, it just means that there the electrolytes are not frozen. There's a graph in this that shows how voltage is affected by temperature up to -10C.

Did you check the voltage you get from the battery at -30? If that is the issue, you could put a boost converter circuit designed for your lowest voltage.