Data books need a new home....

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I have a collection of data books from the late 70s through the early 90s, mostly TI, Intel and Motorola but some others too. They need to find a new home, as I haven't needed to use them in quite a while and I need the space. I'd like to find someone who would put them to use. I'm in NH so someone in New England would be preferable since they're HEAVY and shipping would be prohibitive! Here are pictures of some (half to 1/3 of them)...If I can't find them a home, they'll end up in the recycling container.



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Welcome to AAC!

Hope you can find a home for them.

If you can't, I might be interested in some of the ones you didn't show. Postage might not be too bad with book rate.

That Motorola CMOS databook is a favorite of mine. I still reference it often even though PDF's are readily available and I have the PDF for the whole book. I'm old school and can usually find what I want faster flipping through the pages.