data acquisition system(DAQ)

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hey guys,
I m college student and working on a some big projects which includes lot of sensors. for taking that system to its maximum efficiency I need all the values stored in some memory. so I need to make data acquisition system using some controller.
can somebody guide me about what approach should I have to achieve my target.
You have to define the inputs and outputs. The general accepted practice is to use a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller.

There are interfaces like LabView (It's a "data-flow" programming language) and Wunderware that can provide an HMI for the PLC. LabView is the deFacto standard for Data Aquisition in Lab environments. Colleges may have a site license.

Modbus is a simple protocol standard that would allow cross-platform communication if allowed.

Check out the "Smart relay" which is a very tiny PLC. and

There's barely enough info to even start to suggest anything.


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...some big projects...lot of sensors...some memory...some controller...somebody guide
if someone doesn't make this somehow somewhat clearer, someone will provide some help to someone somewhere else so some of us can get you somewhere on the right path to somewhere.
5000 switches
Temperature/humidity in a 20 story office building
Flow, pressure,

Is this thing a DAQ system or a process control system? Is it more of a try recipes or research? Are they all clumped together or miles apart? Have you selected the sensors? How do you eliminate ground loops?