Damping parameter identification

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Hi everyone!
In my class, we use ABB BSD driver to power an AC brushless motor. Nevertheless, we are supposed to model it as DC motor. This should be used only as a proof of concept, so the previously said should not be that important.
The way BSD Configurator works is: You give a referent Analog Voltage output, and the BSD configurator calculates a referent speed and tries to drive the motor at that speed. And you get some graphs and numerical data about a few parameters.
We are supposed to model it strictly mechanically, so only Inertia and Damping parameters. (Again, it is only a proof of concept).
The lab assistant insists that we only need speed and torque output to get the damping parameter. So, we are given the Inertia and have extracted the speeds and torque at steady state. They are:

Feedback speed [rpm]      Vanalog[V]      Torque[%]
3.60                       200               2.25
5.35                       300               2.24
7.33                       400               2.18
10.83                      600               2.14
14.62                      800               2.00
18.011                    1000               1.98
I have almost zero practical experience with motors, only a very limited theoretical. Any points and clues on how should I try to tackle this?
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